Each year thousands of individuals/Families moving to big cities face one common problem, Quality accommodation. The solution to all your accommodation related issues is under your finger tips. Hit the tap below to download Nooks and find a good quality and affordable bed space or independent place for yourself/Family.

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About Nooks

Nooks is a venture dedicated to provide quality Accommodations to bachelors and families in cities.

Each year thousands of individuals and families move from their hometowns, seeking jobs and career opportunities, to big cities. The first problem they face is to find a good and affordable place to live. Nooks understand this situation and provide its users with a network of places that offer economical and good quality bed spaces. We provide separate accommodations for Families, males and females.

How it works

You can find your desired Accommodation in these easy steps



Nooks-Find your Nook



Put your desired location , Nooks will show you available spaces near your desired location with estimated distance b/w your desired location and available places.



Before move in if you want to visit Nook physically for the sake of your satisfaction you can place visit request in time slots allowed by the Nook manager.



Complete profile , book desired place , wait for company representative response.


Upgrading your living standard is just a tap away. Nooks is specially designed to facilitate its users when it comes to living in a rented property, in every possible way.

Rating System

A proper rating system that evaluates entire system so you can chose between your options

Online complaints

To overcome the hassle of complaining about tiny things to your service provider we provide you an effective complaint system and complaints will be entertained as soon as possible.

Nook shift

If, for any reason, you want to shift from one nook to another and don’t want to get in the trouble of giving notice, you can use the nook shift feature through which you can shift from one place to another without any hassle.


If you want to leave your nook, to avoid any misunderstanding between tenant and Landlords , notices are online and hassle free.

Online payments

To avoid any confusions regarding rent payment, we provide you with this online payment record and different payment methods.

After sale services

At any point if our valued tenants or Landlords require our help in any issue related to their property/services nooks representative and legal team will be there.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is definition of Nook?

Every property fulfilling standards of Nooks (PVT) Ltd at nooks platform is called “Nook”

What is Nook Code?

Nook code is unique code that represents a specific property.

How Can I rent my property through Nooks App?

Simply download Nooks-Partner App , Login , Add property and wait for Nooks representative to contact. Once all requirements are fulfilled your property will be live.

Can I run my existing hostel through nooks?

Yes , If your hostel meets the standards of Nooks (PVT) Ltd you can join nooks platform for better business.

Does Nooks (PVT) Ltd operates in commercial deals?

Currently Nooks (PVT) Ltd is offering its services for renting and managing your residential properties.

Does Nooks (PVT) Ltd provides services to institutes?

Yes, Nooks (PVT) Ltd provides complete services for students/employees of educational institutes or companies.

What is Family Nook?

A property registered at Nooks and available for rent independently e.g Family, All boys , or All girls.

What is shared Nook ?

A property registered at Nooks offering shared accommodation or bed spaces to Females and males separately is called shared nook. You can book beds pace in shared Nook.

Does Nooks (PVT) Ltd demands any commission from tenants?

No, Nooks (PVT) Ltd does not demand any commission from its tenants.

Does Nooks (PVT) Ltd provide after sales services?

Yes , it’s the unique part of Nooks (PVT) Ltd , it ensures that both ends (tenant, Landlords) fulfill their promises.

Does Nooks (PVT) Ltd allow short stays like hotel booking apps?

Currently Nooks (PVT) Ltd does not offer short stays, but we will offer hotel category separately in near future.

Does Nooks (PVT) Ltd operates sale/purchase of plots/houses/buildings?

Currently Nooks (PVT) Ltd is offering its services for renting and managing your residential properties. Further features will be available soon.

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